Our story

We are genuinely committed to improve service

About us

  • Our inspiration

    FeedbackNow was founded on a simple idea – improve the service level on the basis of direct client feedback. At the start it was just a questions: why don’t employees receive feedback from clients? How can we improve the service if we don’t know what really matters for the customers at the time of the service? Why leaving a restaurant or a hotel without telling if you have been eating or sleeping well?

    The Founder who worked in many countries around the world while consulting for large consumer goods and retail companies saw a direct link between quality of service and financial performance. Unfortunately there was no simple way to capture client satisfaction on the spot. This was the inspiration for FeedbackNow.

  • Team & Competencies

    The team running FeedbackNow incorporates all key skills required to deliver impact. It includes:

    • Broad business management skills
    • Functional expertise in all client satisfaction techniques
    • Retail expertise with team members who worked in all function of retail stores for several years
    • Hospitality expertise with team members who worked as restaurant managers for several years
    • Electronic wireless low consumption unique expertise
    • IT machine to machine, data transfer, database, data reporting skills with strong business context understanding and best in class reactivity
    • Design hands on capabilities to best integrate Smiley box in any environment
    • Marketing & Communication to support you
    • Overall manufacturing and supply chain with production network in Asia
  • Technology

    Smiley boxes are built on a unique long range, low consumption radio technology. It allows to fit Smiley box at most appropriate locations to capture client feedback.

    In addition we leverage internet and cutting-edge technologies to help companies to act on client feedback continuously and differentiate against competitors.

  • Achievements

    We initially achieved market success through the oldest advertising technique: word-of-mouth. We are proud to see the improvements path of our client on the service dimension. We have a unique retention rate of our existing client. 95% of clients who piloted the solution decided to deploy.

  • Aspiration

    Encouraged by our strong initial success we are on a journey. FeedbackNow wants to become the standard / label of excellent service across Europe. There is still a tremendous improvement potential in the service across so many industries/sectors. Whether you are a prospective employee, partner or client, we invite to join us.