Our clients are committed to deliver excellent service

We work as partner on this journey

Our clients

More than 100 large companies in different industries throughout the world have been trusting us for numerous years.

“Customers talks to us much more than they use to thanks to the Smiley Boxes. Now we deliver a better and more accurate service, according to everyday customer’s feedback!”

Pharmacy manager

“FeedbackNow was key to turn-around the restaurant and work on what customers really care about. We put a lot of effort into improving everything single dish step by step. Thanks to this, we managed to change the reputation of the place and create a positive word-of-mouth”

Restaurant manager

“We are proud to be a “Green smiley” store here!”

Retail chain employee

What our customers have in common?

  • Excellent service and customer loyalty is one of the priority of their business strategy
  • For them, every touch point (POS, Phone, mail….) matters to customer satisfaction
  • They understood that every customer is different and expectations vary a lot from one to the other
  • They are aware of the differences in service level among the network of location they managed but they are committed to close the gap
  • They care about dissatisfied customers and will do whatever is possible to recover them
  • They know that sustainable service improvement requires significant effort over time (including: measurement, time on the spot, training, coaching…)

They trust us and are using FeedbackNow:

A Pharmacy chain located in Geneva region well known for their excellent service and advices

One of the large European airport ranked in the first tier for Airport Service Quality

One of the top 3 Catering leaders in Switzerland

One of the luxury hotel chain highly committed to guest satisfaction