We are committed to deliver tangible impact

We want our own client to be fully satisfied as well !


  • We design and install the equipment for your environment

    • We design and produce internally to ensure high quality
    • We integrate our solution with regards to your individual requirements (e.g. location, infrastructure, look & feel)
    • We install our equipment quickly and without any disruption to your daily business
  • We adapt and tailor reports to your needs

    • Every industry and customer have their unique requirements for which we can tailor specific reports
    • We generate specific email and sms alerts to your teams on specific criteria
    • We can help you integrating Smiley box results in your own reporting
    • We provide a easy way to display your results on your web site through a simple link
  • We help you analyze and improve

    • We can help you with a root cause analysis
    • We provide you with relevant Benchmarks
    • We can support you on other satisfaction techniques (mystery shopper, exit interview, counter system…)
    • We contribute to your continuous improvement effort
    • We provide training (from training materials design to role play)
    • Our helpline is available 7 days week
  • We will do whatever is required to help you reach a tangible impact

    • We help you prepare large deployment plans
    • We can help you or your suppliers design IT interfaces to integrate traffic numbers or import data in your own reporting
    • What else?
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