“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Lord Kelvin

FeedbackNow aims to establish a new culture
of feedback to genuinely raise service level

Why FeedbackNow?

  • Customer loyalty is key to achieve financial performance

    Customer satisfaction is one of the main driver of profitability. It generates traffic, positive word-of-mouth, and ultimately loyal customers. Until now you could not systematically measure it, due to a lack of system. FeedbackNow is the innovative solution needed.

    • Satisfied customers are ~6 times more likely to be loyal and repurchase
    • Satisfied customers tell an average of 5 other people about their positive experience, creating positive word-of-mouth
  • Customers become increasingly demanding at the Point of Sales

    Due to the increasing e-commerce business, the physical point of sales is focusing more and more on the interaction with the customer and the service level as its competitive advantage.

    Personalized face to face interaction, staff friendliness, cleanliness, sales performance and the capability to solve problems as they arise are crucial elements in the “Offline vs. Online” market.

  • Dissatisfied customers often remain unrecognized

    Customers usually don’t like confrontation. They will rather walk away with their frustration and the promise not to come back. Do you always tell the truth when a cook in a restaurant walks around and asks if you enjoyed the meal? A basic principle of feedback is confidentiality.

    • Only 4% of unsatisfied customers complain directly, 96% walk away frustrated.
    • Dissatisfied customer will eventually tell nine other people.
    • Deliver excellent service everyday by implementing corrective actions day after day.
  • Feedback is key to motivate and change employees mindset

    One of the main objectives of the Smiley box is to create awareness among employees about how their service is perceived. Before anything else we want to provide them with direct customer feedback. Then we see them getting more responsible and sensitive to the way their service is perceived. There is a mindset change happening when employees realize what customers appreciate and expect. It’s the fundamental basis for any improvement.

  • A way to re-establish communication with clients and with employees

    FeedbackNow creates the opportunity to make the voice of your customer transparent and engage your employees in the improvement of service & customer experience.

    • Smiley boxes trigger a massive flow of comments on satisfaction and dissatisfaction from customers. It’s a gold mine for improvements ideas. Customers indeed, very often take the opportunity of pressing a smiley to voice what is important for them.
    • Customers comments trigger the need for team work and re-establish communication when necessary among employees and managers.
  • A new thermometer in the customer satisfaction toolbox

    Measuring customer satisfaction today involves strong effort through internet or paper based surveys. Moreover, the response rate of those surveys typically ranges as low as 2% and does not always result in actionable measures. Customers prefer to provide their feedback quickly and shortly after the experience, not a week or more later.

    The faster you collect the feedback and the better the quality of the feedback will be.

    Mystery shopping, another measurement tool, provides interesting insight but may not always be representative of everyday service at peak or high / low frequentation time.

    FeedbackNow is the new “real-time customer satisfaction thermometer” for your toolbox offering customers the possibility to express feedback on the spot.

We can make your customer satisfaction results available – updated daily and automatically on your own website with a simple link. Results are certified by FeedbackNow

FeedbackNow is a real-time Net Promoter Score measuring system

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Net Promoter Score is a simple management tool used to gauge the loyalty of customers.

See NPS definition.
See NPS full concept.

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